The film  The Way of the Psychonaut about Stan Grof´s life and work is available now with subtitles in different languages ( please choose your language before clicking on the V symbol of Vimeo ). You can watch the movie, buy it or give it as a gift to someone. The subtitles only work when you have downloaded the film into your computer.  If you want to show it to a group or at a conference you can host a screening with higher resolution. There is also a package available with the movie and all the full length interviews for the film( they are in english only).


We are very excited to share with you that our Psychonaut movie has won an award for the best foreign documentary in a film festival in Venice! The film will be available probably end of October. We will keep you posted.
Stan and Brigitte


Starting this May, the full-length expert interviews from The Way of the Psychonaut documentary will be available for streaming, followed by a live Q&A. At the end of each month, a sneak peak of the  Stan Grof Psychonaut movie will be offered with subtitles in different languages followed by a live Q&A with Stan and Brigitte. Click here to learn more.

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