"Within the last ten years the work with mind altering substances in research and medicine has become a major topic of public interest. The term "The Psychedelic Renaissance" has been created to underline the importance of the actual process. In this movement the wish for, but also the need of training possibilities for young professionals, who hope to work with mind altering drugs, is huge. Stan Grof is one of the LSD-pioneers of the first hour. He developed the LSD-psychotherapy - by the way the title of one of his books. In the early 1970ies, when so to speak all the mind altering substances were scheduled and the "Psychedelic Ice Age" started, Stan was the one who did not give up and started with holotropic breathwork. In this non-pharmacological technique of altered states of consciousness he trained hundreds of people and so helped to remember the unique therapeutic potential of mind altering states.

I am happy that Stan can see the value of his work he did over decades and he will enjoy that people will enter his new training program with a real hope to be able to work with mind altering substances within their psychotherapeutic work."

Peter Gasser


"Stanislav Grof, one of the great early pioneers of psychedelic research, as well as the creator of the holotropic breathwork treatment model, is now further making his teaching and insights from his long and productive career available through the new Grof Legacy Training.  With the resurgent interest in psychedelic treatment, there is a growing need for quality training programs to effectively teach therapists how to safely and effectively guide patients through altered states of consciousness.  This opportunity provided by the Grof Legacy Training to learn from one of the great explorers of inner space of our time will most certainly facilitate the optimal use of these remarkable and highly novel treatment models as they continue to gain greater appreciation and acceptance within our culture and health sciences."

Charles S. Grob, M.D.

Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics

UCLA School of Medicine


"With the recent resurgence of interest in the therapeutic use of psychedelics, people often ask us for advice about training in this area.  Our experience in the Training almost 30 years ago inspired us to study MDMA as a catalyst for accessing the “healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness”, and gave us an invaluable grounding in how to support people in these states.  The new Grof Legacy Training is an exciting next step in giving many more people access to Stan’s profoundly important teachings."

Annie Mithoefer, BSN & Michael Mithoefer, MD


“The initiation of Grof Legacy Training is a tremendous development at a time of great need for exactly this training. We’re in the midst of a global renaissance in psychedelic research with the number of trained therapists being the main limiting factor in the mainstreaming of the combination of psychotherapy with  non-ordinary states of consciousness,  whether catalyzed by psychedelics, breath, meditation, etc..  Grof Legacy Training is the ideal training developed by the world’s leading expert."

Rick Doblin, Ph.D.


"For over half a century Stan Grof has pioneered the study of altered states of consciousness, and has made numerous, novel, valuable discoveries and contributions. He has also cocreated several new research and therapeutic fields including holotropic breathwork, transpersonal psychology, psychedelic therapy, and spiritual emergencies. His many discoveries distinguish him as one of the century’s truly great contributors to psychology, psychiatry, and spirituality, for he has dramatically expanded and deepened our understanding of the human mind and its possibilities.
Now he and his wife Brigitte Grof – herself an eminent breathwork leader and trainer – are creating the Grof Legacy Training, a summation of the Grof theoretical and therapeutic discoveries, and a wonderful gift and transmission to all who participate."

Roger Walsh MD, PhD, University of California